There were moments yesterday when we were at are very best, but mostly we were poor and slow. QPR wanted this a lot more and the Arsenal team didn’t look ready for it.

We kept losing the ball in midfield, both through being robbed and misplacing passes. The two goals we conceded were both rather soft. Vermaelen is getting most of the stick today and he had an unusually poor game, but others have to take some blame too. On the first one, he got spun by Taarabt, but QPR had already sliced through our midfield with ease.

The second came when Vermaelen slipped on the edge of the box but it was scored by a midfield runner, Diakite, who ran through the middle of our half without anyone tracking him at all.

Walcott’s goal was good. He needed a second chance when his first effort rebounded off the post but he smashed it in with little time to react and get in position. We could easily have had another through Van Persie, after a good pass from Song, but the keeper did well and kept it out.

Apart from Vermaelen, Ramsey is getting a lot of stick. This is unfair. I don’t think wide on the left is where he wants to be or where he is any good. Personally I think he is someone who competes with Rosicky and Wilshere for a place rather than Gervinho or Oxlade-Chamberlain. For some reason Arsene Wenger sees him out wide like he used to do with Diaby a couple of seasons ago.

Anyway, the main problem was that Arsenal weren’t up for it. Unless Spurs thrash Swansea this afternoon Arsenal will still finish the weekend third. But unless Swansea pull off a big favour for us we’ve used up that comfort zone and made the three-way battle for third and fourth place a lot tighter again. And mext week we play Man City! Mind you, they had a bit of a mare too do let’s not slit our throats yet.

To read some Arsenal blogs, you would think we hadn’t won a game all year and were fighting relegation. Well obviously we’re not, but it was a dumb way to end a great run. Hopefully it’s just a kick up the bum that will shock us back on course.