Seven games to go, the next three of them coming in eight days.  Thanks to our loss of concentration against QPR, it’s now very tight again.  Two very tight battles in fact:

So we do need a win against City really.  Arsene Wenger has been more cautious than that.  He described it as a ‘want to win’ game rather than ‘must’.  At least complacency shouldn’t be a problem.

City have had a jittery week or so.  They’ve drawn their last two games against Stoke and Sunderland and there’s plenty of sniping going on.  Journalists are speculating about the next manager and the current one jokes that if he were Balotelli’s team-mate he would probably want to punch him everyday!

With the mood at City like that it’s hardly surprising that United have pulled clear.  Single-minded focus is what they do best, even if they’re not playing well.

So who will play for Arsenal?  The injury situation is unchanged and Arsene Wenger says he will pick from the same squad ad last time.  It could be the same starting eleven I guess, but I would rather see a change out on the left.

I don’t think it’s a good place for Ramsey.  I don’t think that he wants to be there and he doesn’t excel.  I’m not anti-Ramsey, I think he’s great and will get better.  But I’d rather see him giving Rosicky a breather in the middle midweek.  Not everyone, even good players, does a good job out of position.  I would rather see Gervinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain or Santos there.

So I’m hoping to see:

______ Szczesny ______
Sagna _ Kos _ Verm _ Gibbs
_______ Song ________
__ Arteta ____ Rosicky __
Walcott ___ RVP ___ AOC

with some rotation against Wolves.  What do you think?