About Nine Jimmy Rimmers

jimmy rimmer football cardsWhen I was young we collected football cards from bubble gum packs. I didn’t really like the bubble gum and wasn’t much good at blowing the bubbles but never mind, it was the cards that were important. You had to have them to be part of playground conversation and you had to collect your team.

My team was Arsenal. I’d picked them a few years earlier when they won the double. Had I known, as a seven-year-old, that they wouldn’t win the cup again for another eight years and the league for another eighteen, I suspect I might have waited on my choice. On some recent occasions, when I’ve been staring at the screen in disbelief at another late season, late conceded goal to a team in the relegation zone, my daughter has asked ‘wouldn’t it be easier to just support ……’. But once you’ve picked your team that’s it, you never change, you just don’t. Them’s the rules! Still, it could have been worse. When I was five my Dad bought me a Wolves kit.

Anyway, back to the cards. Much pocket money was spent on unblown bubble gum and the usual playground swapsies took place to amass the Arsenal team. The biggest frustration though was that a few cards seemed to turn up again and again. One of these was Jimmy. He seemed to be in just about every packet and there were only so many times someone would accept him as a swap.

Then, as now, a common football chant was ‘there’s only one …….’. But I had nine Jimmy Rimmers and that’s what I sang. No-one in the playground understood, but it made me smile.

This is second time around for this blog. It got hacked and messed up and then I changed jobs and didn’t have the time and stuff got deleted off the server. It was easier to start again. So I have done.