A little bit of Granit

Granit Xhaka Arsenal KitSo not only did we scrape into second place, we’ve signed a new player before the end of May! Defensive midfielder Granit Xhaka joins Arsenal from Borussia Monchengladbach.

Arsenal’s number one need from summer transfers is surely a source of more goals, but we need more depth virtually everywhere so this is a great start to the transfer window. A bit of defensive bite in front of the back four will be very useful, especially given the number of goals we conceded from outside the box this season.

Looking at his stats and the various YouTube videos, he looks a very useful player. Some journalists are making something of his high card count, both yellow and red, but unless he’s going to go completely bonkers I don’t think this is such a bad thing. Arsenal have had plenty of stick for not being strong and committed enough when defending, so a bit of Granit in the midfield will be no bad thing. Patrick Viera got planty of cards and we loved him.

Pictures of Xhaka in his kit got leaked ahead of the official announcement, reportedly by his girlfriend tweeting them. They also seem to confirm that the earlier leaked pics of he new kit were genuine too.

Hopefully this is going to be the first of several signings. We desperately need more goals, and that was true even before Danny Welbeck got crocked. I like Olivier Giroud, despite his current dodgy hipster look. He’s better than many give him credit for, but not as good as we need. He seems to have a prolonged goal drought at some point each season and that costs us. A lot of media sources are linking us to Alvaro Morata for very big money. Does he get enough goals though?

Arsene Wenger says that there is money to spend if the right player is available. Some see this as code for don’t expect anything, but to be fair he has chased Suarez and Higuaín in recent summers and was reportedly pissed off that Manchester United got Martial after being told the player wasn’t available.

As well as needing more goals, we need replacements for Arteta, Rosicky and maybe Flamini, so hopefully Xhaka won’t be the only midfielder coming in.

So, great start to the summer Arsene, but a striker, more midfielders and maybe an extra central defender please.